BEVY Airdrop is NOW LIVE, claim your $10,000 BEVY Governance Token

Airdrop Rewards

We are pleased to announce our airdrop launch, for a grand total of $10,000 BEVY Tokens.

How to participate?

Visit the Airdrop link, it will guide you through the process:
1. Bevy Airdrop Period #1: 6–9 October 2021
2. Bevy Airdrop Period #2: 10–16 October 2021
3. Bevy Airdrop Period #3: 17–23 October 2021
4. Bevy Airdrop Period #4: 1–6 November 2021 (coming soon)

📢 Enter Task: Entering using your account Twitter

📢 Retweet Task: Retweet @buckstablecoin on Twitter

📢 Tweet Task: Tweet about @buckstablecoin on your Twitter

📢 Follow Task: Follow @buckstablecoin on Twitter

📢 Join Discord Task: Join Official Telegram Group

📢 Join Telegram Task: Join Official Telegram Group

📢 Submit your wallet address


This is Flash Airdrop, and the Winner will be announced every Sunday on Twitter @buckstablecoin

Please make sure you must complete and follow the instructions on every Ways to Enter for claiming your BEVY Airdrop Reward.

This Airdrop will end on (6, Nov 2021 12:00 UTC)

Good luck!

There will be more bounty programs, stay tuned for more in our social channels!




Simple Collateral+Algorithmic Stablecoin on Arbitrum

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Buck Money

Buck Money

Simple Collateral+Algorithmic Stablecoin on Arbitrum

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